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Employment Opportunities

Simsbury, CT - Executive Director - posted March 2021

Enfield, CT - Housing Portfolio Manager - posted March 2021

Burlington, MA - Executive Director - posted March 2021

Waterbury, CT - Accountant - posted March 2021

New Britain, CT - HCV Compliance Manager - posted February 2021

Metheun, MA -  Executive Director, posted January 2021

Bridgeport, CT - Front Desk Team Lead, posted January 2021

Bridgeport, CT - HCV Program Director, posted January 2021

New Britain HA - Director of PH, posted January 2021

*NEW* SHARED SERVICES - Hartford Housing Authority - HVAC Skill Trades Maintenance Mechanic 
In an effort to assist Association members with their staffing needs, Conn NAHRO is looking for members who are interested in a Shared Services arrangement.

Shared Services is a approach whereby members collaborate by making their personnel available to other members and vice versa. For example, one member may be having challenges finding a qualified individual for a specific function and another member has an employee in the same position and has the capacity to assist. In this case, the member with capacity would “loan” their employee to the other member who will pay for the employee’s wages for the time they work for them.
We believe this collaboration will benefit all members and allow them to more effectively provide needed services to their tenants/residents.

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